B4 CoPilot for NinjaTrader

Full-featured automated trading companion for NinjaTrader 8 is finally here.

B4 CoPilot minimizes the hard work of analyzing price action and market structure from your charts. Often traders get overwhelmed with chart analysis and miss optimal trade entries, or complicate charts to where the price action is no longer visible. B4 CoPilot simplifies trend direction with visual representation in chart background colors, shows optimal trade entry points with arrows and price regions, and best of all, it can automatically execute trades with your predefined strategy options.


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B4 CoPilot. Automatic Trades.

The B4 CoPilot interface allows retail traders to aggressively trade just like the pros. It offers semi-autonomous trade entries and allows you to have automated custom trade management settings to get an edge in the market.

B4 CoPilot. Trend Direction.

B4 CoPilot features multiple optimized algorithmic models. Traders can select between Trend following or Contrarian modes. Each model executes semi-autonomous trade entries using our institutional grade day trading engine.

B4 CoPilot. Flexible.

Take the stress out of managing open positions using NinjaTrader's Advanced Trade Management feature. Automatically submit multiple profit target orders with individual trailing stop loss orders. This allows you to adhere to the tight money management requirements needed to thrive in a prop firm environment.

B4 CoPilot. Get Funded.

You can now reach your full trading potential with confidence without the fear of losing your own capital. Sign up with one of our funding partners and start your trading journey with B4 CoPilot.

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