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Not only will you receive daily actionable and highly successful signals and watchlists, we will teach you simple to follow, yet incredibly effective trading strategies using B4 Algo.

If you would like to become a funded trader, look no further. Use B4 CoPilot for automatic trade executions and get funded easily.

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B4 CoPilot.

Full-featured automated trading companion primarily for day traders with highly configurable interface and quick action auto trade buttons. Take the hard work of analyzing price action and market structure from your charts, automatically execute trades and gain the market edge.
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B4 Algo.

B4 indicators make up a comprehensive but simple trading solution that helps you balance risk to reward and experience new levels of trading results.
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Training and Live Trade Room.

We don't just give you trading indicators, signals, watchlists and leave you to "figure it out". We will teach you simple to follow, yet incredibly effective trading strategies. Actionable, rules-based strategies that anyone can follow. You are taken step-by-step through everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

B4 Live Trade Room includes live screen sharing every day. We start with pre-market analysis and guide traders with trade setups to increase your edge with risk management. You learn alongside our Pro Traders.

With the help of the B4 indicator, I am in control of my entries and exits and know what is going on, taking the guess work out of trading makes a massive difference.

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Since finding the B4 Indicator and Scanner and being part of a larger family / community of people, this past week was my best week ever. I exited my trades I got into last week and my account grew 16.3%.

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All I can say is wow! Day Trading is so hard due to the abundance of information out there, but the B4 indicator takes much of it and helps you hone a strategy that fits you.

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B4 Signals.

B4 Signals and Watchlists are produced from a state of art signaling software 10 years in the making. It provides you a list of carefully selected list of stocks, complete with trade statistics, directional bias and entry levels designed to give you more confidence in your trading. Every trader’s ultimate goal is to maximize profits. Now, with the help of the B4 Signals you can. Using B4 Signals increases your confidence as a trader and maximizes the precision of your trades.

B4 Bot.

Machine Learning powered automated trading is here! B4 Bot analyzes the whole stock market, ranks models based on their predictive power and probability of success in current market conditions and trends, and generates actionable B4 Signals. B4 Trading Community members can chat live with the B4 Bot on Discord for free. Join the B4 Trading Community to get started.

B4 Bot

B4 Trading Community.

Trading doesn't have to be a lonely journey. Weather you are new to the world of trading, or you are a seasoned trader, connect with likeminded traders and grow your expertise. B4 Trading Community Discord is a real hotbed for trade ideas, market fundamental and technical analysis, custom indicator development, as well as live trade discussions. If you like to connect, learn, and grow then come be part of our B4 Trading Community.

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B4 Indicators Forum.

A free and open forum that provides developers, collaborators and fellow traders an easier way to exchange and learn about trade scripting. Our forum provides a central hub for everyone to upload, manage, organize, share and exhibit their trading indicators, strategies and tutorials.

B4 Indicators Forum